German Cars Most Likely To Shun MOT Extension

Wed 10th Jun 2020


Despite UK drivers being offered a six month MOT extension, owners of Mercedes’, BMWs and Audis were still keen to get their cars tested according to new research.

The data, published by Kwik Fit, found that just over a quarter of car owners still got their car tested, even though the government had given an extension due to the pandemic lockdown.

Thirty-three per cent of Mercedes-Benz’s were tested which were due in April or May, with BMW closely following at 32.5 per cent and Audi at 31 per cent. Mini (30.1 per cent) and Fiat (29.9 per cent) completed the top five.

Almost five million cars qualified for an MOT extension, but despite the relaxation of the rules, many owners wanted to ensure their motors were roadworthy, or believed that they were in good enough shape to sale through anyway - over 1.3 million tests were taken during lockdown.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit said: “This analysis has highlighted some interesting differences between the owners of different makes of car. It’s certainly striking that the owners most likely to have opted to have a physical MOT are drivers of what many consider to be the premium marques in the top 20.

“It may be that these drivers have been using their cars more for essential journeys during lock down and want peace of mind, or they may believe that maintaining their MOT record will help hold their resale value.

As we have seen, the majority of owners have not taken their car for a test, so as lock down restrictions ease and traffic volumes increase back towards normal levels, we urge all those drivers who have received an MOT extension to carry out their own thorough checks, especially on tyres and brakes, the most common causes for dangerous MOT failures.

“Our analysis has shown that 150,000 unroadworthy vehicles a week are being given MOT extensions, so it’s vital that drivers don’t neglect their responsibility to keep their cars safe.”