Get A Cheeky Sneak Peak At The New Porsche 911’s New Rear End

Mon 19th Feb 2018

Like all the biggest celebrities, the world of motors is no different when it comes to getting ‘papped’ and the latest secret snaps of one the biggest names in car celebrity has just got caught unawares.

The rear-end of the ‘992’ generation 911 mysteriously appeared on Instagram on Monday, setting pulses racing around the motor world and leaving many slack-jawed with awe.

To be honest, the ‘new-look’ Porsche 911 is not hugely different from its predecessor in terms of style, however, there are a few nips and tucks worth talking about.

Let’s start with the spoiler. Sports cars love a good spoiler and this full-width active spoiler does not disappoint. Similar to the ones spotted test-driving around tracks in Germany, it has been suggested that it gives the car more of a look of 959.

Elsewhere the familiar slatted rear deck of the 991.2 looks to have been retained, but a little bit bigger. And the bumper certainly has a nice touch with two-tone styling in play.

We can only judge this supercar by its looks currently as we have no technical information on the latest 911.  What we might know is that it won’t be turbocharged after denials from Porsche’s head of motorsport.