Get Set For All New Minor Traffic Offences

Tue 7th Dec 2021

Motorists across the country are being warned that councils now have the power to enforce a raft of new road rules which were previously only likely to catch drivers in London and Cardiff.

It was believed that the ‘moving traffic’ offences might have been brought in before Christmas, but the Department for Transport has warned councils that the new rules must be published by councils well in advance if they intend to use them.

Cash-strapped councils are most likely to enforce the new rules once they have applied for the new powers which include hitting drivers with a £70 fine if they enter and stop in a box junction, drive the wrong way down a one-way street and even fail to give way to oncoming vehicles.

Motoring groups have hit out at the move, suggesting that councils will simply use the measures as a revenue-stream, rather than enforcing the rules to increase road safety and better drivers.

The RAC, who are against the move, found that one single yellow box junction in Fulham collected fines of £1.7m in a year, against the overall total of £58m for London and Cardiff.

“We’re fearful that some authorities may be over enthusiastic in using their new powers for revenue-raising reasons,” said Simon Williams from the RAC.

“Drivers who blatantly ignore signage or highway rules should expect penalties but there are instances which are not always clear-cut. Large yellow box junctions can be particularly problematic to get across without stopping.

“So it’s important common sense is applied rather than instantly issuing penalties to drivers. The first thing councils should do is review the road layout at these junctions.”