Got A Supercar? Get It A Super Garage!

Fri 21st Feb 2020

It may be something of a first world problem, but after spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on your new Ferrari, surely you wouldn’t want to keep it out of sight in a dusty garage? Now a design and tech company have come up with a solution - the Supercar Capsule.

Designed by Italian consultancy firm ASZarchitetti Group and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN, the Capsule is described as ‘a unique concept that gives your expensive toys a centrestage to captivate the audience’.

According to the press release for the Supercar Capsule, there are already 400 installed across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where Supercars are often showcased as status symbols.

While each installation is bespoke to the needs of the Supercar owner, one popular option appears to be incorporating it into the interior design of the owner’s home.

“One of the models involves creating a new capsule to merge with the home’s interior,” says SUPERFUTUREDESIGN’s promotional literature. “This will incorporate the garage with existing rooms, in which a simple wall will transform into a bespoke exhibition for your statement piece. It allows guests and visitors to appreciate and admire your supercar without having to take them to the garage – your car becomes a part of the interior décor.”

The company promise to remodel the the interior of existing garages with new finishes, lighting effects and colour schemes to ‘highlight your supercar’s aesthetic’. Though in some cases it looks like they are turning your home into the set for the latest supercar TV advertisement.

If you’ve not the space inside your home or garage, you can even opt for a glass box to be placed in your garden, dependent on the space surrounding your home - giving your car it’s very own showhome.

“The SUPERCAR CAPSULE project is aimed towards car lovers and enthusiasts who go the extra mile for understanding and appreciating an automobile’s qualities,” continues the promotional release.

There are no details on how much the capsules might cost, however if you are in the market for a capsule to showcase your supercar you are probably not concerned by those minor details such as price.