Got An EV In Barrow-In-Furness? Hard Luck!

Mon 4th Nov 2019

A new raft of data published by the Department for Transport has revealed which areas of the UK are well served by electric charging points and which are not.

The ‘league table’ gives a great illustration of the work some local authorities need to undertake to ensure they keep pace with the growing demand for electric vehicles, with some areas doing well and some more remote areas a potential problem.

The transport secretary Grant Shapps has written to local authorities this week urging them to use a variety of available funds to ensure that the current figure of 23 charging points per 100,000 members of the population rises.

 “A postcode should play no part in how easy it is to use an electric car, and I’m determined electric vehicles become the new normal for drivers,” Shapps said.

“It’s good news there are now more charging locations than petrol stations, but the clear gaps in provision are disappointing. I urge local councils to take advantage of all the government support on offer to help ensure drivers in their area don’t miss out.

“To help increase the provision of charging locations, the government is offering grants for the installation of chargepoints on the street, in work and at home. We are also offering grants to lower the upfront cost of these cars so everyone is able to experience the benefits.”

While London unsurprisingly leads the way for chargers, with 4,000 across the capital, there are some areas of the UK which have fewer than 10 public charging points per 100,000. Barrow-in-Furness is the worst spot for an electric car, with no publicly available charging points.