Govt To Target Pothole Culprits

Mon 23rd May 2022

Utility companies who provide sub-standard repair works when digging holes in roads will be hit with financial penalties thanks to a new government scheme.

It is believed that poor quality roadworks are at the heart of the growing problem of potholes across the UK, with water, gas, electric and telecommunications companies constantly digging up roads.

While all utility companies are contractually obliged to fill in any holes or repair damage in roads, they can very often use low quality materials and practices, which quite quickly lead to potholes appearing.

The companies will now see their road repairs inspected independently, and if the works don’t meet strict standards then they will face financial penalties. Local authorities will be expected to monitor the best and worst companies, they have a vested interest as any compensation claims for potholes often eat up vital budgets.

On average, utility companies fail one in ten inspections that are carried out, however there is one company which has failed 63 per cent of inspections.

“The plague of potholes is the menace of our roads,” said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. “That’s why I’m ensuring companies who create them and leave roads in a poor state can be held to account more easily - protecting drivers from unfair repair costs."

The news has been met with some scepticism by the opposition parties, with shadow transport secretary Louise Haigh suggesting that the government had actually cut funding to help councils fix roads. She said: “The shameless Transport Secretary is trying to claim credit for fixing the problem he has helped create. Last year alone the Tories slashed funding to fix our crumbling roads by enough to fill 12 million potholes."