Green Campaigners Warn Of Public Charger Shortage

Thu 9th Jan 2020

A significant boost in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is needed if European countries are to meet the demand for carbon neutral cars according to green campaigners.

Researchers from Transport & Environment have said that with 44 million electric cars predicted to be on the roads in the next decade, the number of chargers needed to keep the network moving will need to increase by 15 times.

There are currently 185,000 chargers in the European Union, with 25,000 of those in the UK, but T&E have said that there will need to be three million chargers required, at a cost of £17billion - all by 2030.

Most chargers currently are found either at home, in supermarkets or at petrol stations, but the green campaigners are suggesting that the EV charger network needs to move into all areas of society, including ‘disadvantaged and less densely populated’ areas to ensure everyone can make the change to zero-emission vehicles.

Lucien Mathieu, emobility analyst at Transport & Environment, said: “The Green Deal for transport can only happen with zero-emission infrastructure. This means putting money into setting up the network of public chargers, especially at home and at work, and not in building more fossil gas pipelines. 

“So far the number of charging points has kept pace with demand, but the coming electric surge needs to be supercharged by vastly expanding the charging network.

“The shift to EVs will create a multi-billion euro market opportunity for European industry in the grid works, and manufacturing, installation and maintenance of public charging. 

“The EU must do everything it can to fight the climate emergency while supporting jobs in Europe.”

The UK Government has committed £400m to help bolster the public charging network and double the number of rapid public chargers by 2025, but more will be done to ensure the entire network can cope with demand.