Greener Petrol Could Lead To Higher Pump Prices

Thu 25th Feb 2021

A new, more environmentally friendly petrol, which is to be introduced to petrol station forecourts later in the year could turn out to be less efficient and economical.

The news that the move to E10 fuel will cost 0.2p per litre more than the current E5 petrol will come as a shock to many drivers, particularly as the new mix of petrol has less energy content meaning that drivers may have to refuel more often. An analysis of the new fuel, which is reported to reduce emissions of CO2 by 750,000 tons a year, has found that the overall cost will be an increase of 1.6%.

“The AA supports the switch to E10, a more sustainable and greener fuel that provides a stepping stone to the phasing out fossil fuels in new cars from 2030 onwards,” said Edmund King, president of the AA.

“We are also satisfied that there is sufficient pump labelling to guide drivers and support to help car owners whose vehicles are not compatible with E10 to switch to the ‘protection’ grade (super fuels) as a viable alternative.”

The RAC is also warning that the switch to E10 could penalise those who own older cars which are not set-up to use the fuel, with E5 likely to less readily available and more expensive.

Simon Williams from the motoring organisation said: “The switch to E10 petrol is clearly good news for the environment and will not affect the vast majority of the UK’s 33m car drivers although some may see the number of miles they get from a tank go down as research suggests E10 is potentially slightly less efficient.

“Those with no option but to continue using E5 will have to fork out quite a lot of extra money as super grade unleaded is currently 136p a litre which is over 13p more expensive than regular petrol. There’s also a danger that E5 premium grade petrol may be harder to find in some more rural locations.”