Have Hyundai Produced An SUV To Rival The Nissan Juke?

Tue 27th Feb 2018

Hyundai are taking the EV market to a whole new level with their new Kona Electric, a vehicle that can reach an impressive 292-mile radius with a single charge.

With a 131bhp motor that can accelerates to 62mph in just 9.3 seconds, when driving the shorter range version or 7.6 seconds at 198bhp for the longer-range.

Hyundai are adamant that these headline battery stats will not mean a compromise on the space within the car, the regular Kona luggage space is exactly the same, though you do have to find space for the charge cable, though of course there is additional space in the front of the car where the engine normally sits.

It will take 54 minutes to charge to 80% capacity from a 100kw fast charger, though if you don’t have one of those, plug it into your wall and it will take nine hours and 40 minutes!

To the casual observer, there is little too different from the regular Kona, though it will be a little quieter and have no exhaust, of course! The one added extra that the electric does have is some blinged up 17 inch alloys.

In terms of technology there is plenty to keep the gadget-geeks happy, as you would expect from the most futuristic of cars. So adaptive cruise control, a lane centring system and rear cross-traffic alerts with automatic emergency braking, you are well looked after.

Though it is a SUV, its immediate competitor is likely be the Nissan Leaf in showrooms up and down the land, so if you are thinking between the two you will have to consider an expected price tag of £26,000, which 10k more than the regular version.

With Hyundai committed to a total of 16 electric vehicles by 2025, it will be interesting to see where they go next with EV and how they further develop the technology of hydrogen fuel cells.

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