Have We Forgotten How To Drive?

Mon 10th Dec 2018

British drivers are forgetting some of the most basic rules of the road, putting themselves and other drivers at risk according to a new survey.

1st Central, an insurance provider in the UK polled 2,000 drivers and asked questions relating to simple Highway Code rules such as correct speeds, how to use an indicator and when it’s safe to use a car horn.

The survey found that more than a third (34%) of Brits think that the speed limit on a duel carriageway is 60mph, when the actual limit is 70mph. A similar number (32%) of drivers believe that they should signal before checking their mirrors and carrying out a manouevre and 14% of drivers believe that they can use their horn at any time of the day in a built-up area, though the rules in the Highway Code strictly say horns cannot be used between 11.30pm and 7am. By ignoring the horn law you could face a £30 Fixed Penalty Notice.

Andy James, chief executive at 1st Central, said: "Whilst experienced drivers may be comfortable behind the wheel, it's concerning to see how many people have forgotten speed limits.

"No matter how many years of driving you have under your belt, it's important to remember the correct rules of the road to ensure a safe drive for all."