Have You Been Caught Out By Stealth Cameras?

Mon 4th Jan 2021

2020 was a record year for speeding fines, despite the country being locked down for large periods of the year and ‘hidden’ cameras on motorways are to blame.

That’s the view of some of the UK’s leading motoring organisations, who say that the cameras on smart motorways are catching drivers out.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, there are now 168 HADECS3 (Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System) in place on most of the country’s biggest motorways, compared to just 49 cameras when they were first introduced in 2010.

“The majority of drivers support the use of cameras if used for safety reasons, but there are inconsistencies in their use which can catch drivers out,” said Edmund King, AA president.

“Signs should be displayed on all gantries when cameras are in place as the objective should be to slow people down, not catch them out.”

However, despite major concerns about the safety and viability of smart motorways, Highways England are pushing forward and expected to double the number of miles over the next five years. News which is sure to increase last year’s 2.3 million fines in England and Wales.

“We're not using cameras to catch drivers out or to make money out of fines,” said Jeremy Phillips from Highways England.
“They're there to encourage drivers to stick to speed limits, for the safety of everyone using the road, and to help traffic flow freely.
“That's why they are bright yellow and clearly-signed; alerting drivers to the presence of cameras helps to encourage compliance and so improves safety.”