Have You Been Stung By Dodgy Airport Parking?

Wed 29th Jun 2022

With millions of Brits desperate to get away on holiday this summer, the worries and concerns about airport delays have added another level of stress to an already fraught experience, but a new report this week will only add to the tension.

The BBC has reported that dozens of holidaymakers have been caught out by meet-and-greet scams operated by companies operating near Manchester Airport.

The costly expense of finding airport parking has led to many looking for alternative options on price comparison websites, and while these websites may add a level of legitimacy to some of the companies - the truth is far from reality.

According to the report on the BBC website, one car owner returned to find that his car had been driven 3,000 miles while they were on holiday. While the car parks are not officially affiliated with Manchester Airport, the handover of keys often takes place on airport property, before the car is driven to a ‘car park’ location outside of the airport footprint.

Some of these car parks have been found located in Cheshire, and after one owner reported that his car bonnet had been stolen, the local police revealed that there had been more than 55 similar incidents, with Inspector Andrew Baker from Cheshire Police saying: “In reality, many of these car parks are simply muddy fields on land bordering the runway and have no affiliation to the airport whatsoever.”

While the practice of these unregulated companies is sketchy, some of the instances of crime are on the wrong side of the law, and Manchester Airport has urged all passengers to do their research before making an airport parking booking with an unofficial operator.

Speaking to the BBC a spokeswoman urged passengers to "do their research before handing over keys". Adding: "In addition to our own official parking products, there are a number of reliable and reputable third-party providers located near the airport."