Have You Nearly Crashed Your Car?

Thu 11th Aug 2022

While many profess to be the best drivers in the world, new research shows that a surprising number of us are actually terrible behind the wheel. According to new research published by company behind the National Dash Cam Safety Portal, three out of four drivers admit that they have nearly crashed their car.

The analysis of more than 2,000 drivers, released by Nextbase this week found that 72 per cent of motorists admit to a near-miss, and more worryingly, 36 per cent think that the potential accident might have been fatal. The study also found that the majority of drivers believe that they encounter speeding drivers on a weekly basis, with an average of 14 separate incidents of illegal driving a week.

Nextbase’s National Dash Cam Safety Portal allows motorists to submit their own dash cam footage of near-misses or illegal driving activity, which allows police forces to use the videos as evidence to prosecute the worst drivers. More and more police forces are using the portal, with 70 per cent of video submissions leading to some form of action. The portal is being used by police, with some 57,000 submissions already on the system.

Nextbase are keen to see more drivers taking the lead and submitting videos, particularly as the company’s research shows that 75 per cent of motorists have never reported a road traffic accident, with 41 per cent saying they didn’t know how, or had no evidence.

“We created the portal to make roads safer. Road users can send in video from any device and help to get dangerous drivers off the road,” said Bryn Brooker, head of road safety at Nextbase.

“Police aren’t just sitting on these videos - they are using them. Almost every force in the country is now signed up, with the remaining handful intending to do so soon. The system we built four years ago is not only helping police, it is removing dangerous drivers from the road.”