Have You Serviced Your Car During Lockdown?

Thu 10th Sep 2020

A new report published this week has estimated that there may be more than 12 million cars on the UK roads which could be breaking the law.

According to BookMyGarage more than a third of British drivers may have put off servicing their vehicle after tightening their finances due to the impact of the coronavirus lockdown. Meanwhile the lack of driving and an absence of miles in the engine has made 29 per cent of those surveyed believe that they don’t need to service their car.

The fact that lockdown has halted many aspects of driving may have led to a little complacency amongst car owners, with eight out of ten road users admitting that they would get their car serviced once a year normally and almost half are now worried about their safety.

“The figures we’ve seen coming through our network of 9,000 franchise and independent garages suggests that the pandemic and lockdown has definitely had an adverse effect on the health of our cars,” said Jessica Potts, Head of Marketing at BookMyGarage.

“It’s understandable that motorists have wanted to save money during the pandemic, as many have unfortunately lost their jobs, earned less because of the furlough scheme or taken pay cuts.

“But it’s important that motorists get their cars up to scratch now that Britain’s car parc is moving again.”