Hay Fever Season Cancelled By Vauxhall

Wed 17th May 2023

Those who sniffle their way through spring and summer in fog of hay fever runny eyes could have a saviour as a major motoring manufacturer has invented a remedy for the conditions which affects millions.Vauxhall's Intelli-Air technology is designed to enhance the driving experience by providing a comfortable and healthy environment for drivers and passengers during the spring and summer seasons. 

It is currently the season for hay fever, which has been known to impact a significant portion of the UK population at some point during their lifetime.

The innovative system consistently monitors the quality of the indoor air and automatically initiates an exchange when necessary. The position of the recirculation vent can have an impact on the air quality in most cars, particularly in situations where the outdoor air quality is less than ideal. Vauxhall's air quality sensor (AQS) takes measures to ensure that the interior remains free from pollutants by closing the vent. In certain situations, such as when the interior air quality is compromised due to factors like smoking or dust on clothing, the vent may open to provide passengers with a supply of fresh air.

Intelli-Air has contributed significantly to maintaining the cleanliness of the interior air of the new Astra. The air quality information is conveniently displayed for both drivers and passengers on the large colour touchscreen. The emoji showcased is designed in the shape of a car and is inspired by the global AQI (Air Quality Index). The colour of the emoji may vary based on the quality of the air in the surrounding environment. The air quality in the passenger compartment is carefully monitored through the use of a Particulate Matter (PM 2.5) sensor, which is capable of detecting particulates as small as 2.5 micrometres.

The technology has the potential to enhance safety by minimising the likelihood of drivers experiencing sneezing caused by pollen or particulates present in the vehicle. It is worth noting that a car has the potential to cover a distance of up to 20 metres during urban driving conditions in the duration of a driver's sneeze.

A Department for Transport's report observed that in 2021, a significant number of road accidents in the UK were caused due to factors such as impairment or distraction.