Here’s Why Brits Can’t Drive In Spain

Wed 11th May 2022

A major blunder by British and Spanish bureaucrats has left thousands of ex-pat Brits without the legal documents to drive.

UK licences are no longer valid on Spanish roads for those resident in the country after the two countries failed to agree legislation ahead of a 30 April deadline. The issue, which has come about due to Brexit, affects tens of thousands of Brits who are now settled in Spain, many of whom need their car for everyday use to travel to their jobs.

British tourists don’t face the same problem, as they can still drive on their existing licence, but it is thought that ex-pats might have to apply for additional documentation, or even worse, take their test in Spain!

 “This could go on for a week or it could be longer,” a UK Government source told The Sun.

"It should be temporary but we don’t know how temporary. In the meantime, British residents living in Spanish hill villages won’t be able to drive a car.”

But the impasse shows no signs of an immediate solution and if the current passport problems are an indication of how things might progress, then there will be cars sat in garages unused for some time.

A Foreign Office spokesman added: “An agreement to swap UK driving licences for Spanish licences has not yet been reached.

"We have agreed to rapidly accelerate talks and are urging the Spanish Government to bring forward interim measures.”

The move will infuriate Brexiteers and Remoaners alike, with both sides facing the blame, however former Tory leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith made clear where he saw the blame, telling the Mail on Sunday: “It’s a case of “Manana, manana. It’s time they pull their finger out and do what they agreed.”