Hero Or Villain? Roadside Vigilante Blocks Speed Camera Van

Wed 2nd Mar 2022

Roadside speed camera vans are to some a necessary evil of the road network, keeping motorists down to safe speeds and preventing accidents, but to other they need wiping off the face of the road network and are a sneaky way for police forces to collect fines from the everyday driver.

But one man took the law into his own hands recently, when he was snapped in his vehicle, blocking a police speed camera van from catching speeding vehicles, and many have dubbed the man a hero after his exploits on the A38 in Somerset last week.

The footage, which was posted onto Facebook by Lauren Jayne shows a grinning man and women sat in their boot, with their car boot wide open to block the van’s view.

The notoriously dangerous stretch of road saw 137 deaths in a five year period between 2011 and 2016, with a total of 8,698 crashes. But the road is also a hotspot for police speed vans, particularly at the point where the limit changes from 30mph to 50mph, catching many out with a fine.

The man ‘Ed’ was tagged in the video which was posted onto social media, and he actually commented to say: “For the record, yes that was me doing my bit for the peeps.”

But Avon and Somerset Police were quick to point out that the police speed camera operator was on his lunch break and that ‘Ed’ could have been prosecuted for breaking the law had the camera been active.

“Speed is a factor in many death and serious injury collisions and speed limits are in place to protect all road users.

“Speeding is frequently raised as a policing priority by our communities and we deploy our safety cameras at locations where the community has asked us to take enforcement action.

“We are open about this action, with our safety camera sites listed on our website. The best way to avoid a fine and points on your licence is not to put others at risk by breaking the speed limit.

“At the time of this footage, the speed camera operator was taking a break. Had they been prevented from using the camera, the person responsible could have faced a charge of obstructing them in the course of their duty.

“As it was, we understand that a local resident spoke to them to explain that the community had asked for speed enforcement.”