Highway Code ‘Chaos’ Caused By Cyclists

Tue 15th Feb 2022

The newly introduced Highway Code has caused chaos on Britain’s roads says the people charged with educating the next generation of drivers.

The so-called ‘hierarchy of road users’, which was brought in at the end of January, and gives much more consideration to cyclists and pedestrians is a ‘recipe for disaster’ according to furious driving instructors. The rules, which generally suggest that the heavier the road user, the more responsibility you have to to those other more vulnerable users.

But with cyclists now given much more freedom in the road, allowed to drive in the centre of the road, given the opportunity to undertake and not forced to use cycle lanes, there could be many more accidents. Phil Jones, a driving instructor from Go Learn To Drive told North Wales Live:  “I think overall the amount of collisions involving cyclists is going to increase.

“As a driving instructor we train people to be aware of cyclists and other vulnerable road users but they have also got to take a little bit of responsibility for themselves.

“But I think if they’re riding on the roads, then they should be insured, it should be mandatory and they should also have some type of formal training like every other road user.”

He added: “As for this riding in the middle of the road, all it’s going to do is cause traffic chaos.”

Many have criticised the campaign to launch the new set of rules, with many road users complaining that there has not been enough time given to understand the changes, and that many are driving oblivious to the new priorities, which could be dangerous for all users.

“I don’t disagree with any of the rules, but I’ve had difficulty finding all the new rules myself so how is my 84-year-old mother going to find out about it?” said David Hughes, an instructor from Conwy.

“I just think it’s been introduced fairly quickly and there’s not enough information publicised about it.”

He added: “Just to drop it in without much notice is bad, it could’ve been done a lot better.

“People need educating with new rules, you can’t just say, if you don’t open the door with your left hand you’ll get a £1000 fine and that’s it.”