Honda Aims For All-Electric Future As It Ditches Diesel

Thu 24th Oct 2019

Japanese brand Honda has brought forward its plans for all models to feature an electric powertrain, with 2022 now the target year.

In announcing the plans which will see six electrified models launched over the next three years, the company also snuck in the news that we will be saying goodbye to its only two diesel engines, the Civic and the HR-V.

Honda’s six new electrified vehicles include the E electric city car, a new Jazz and also plans for a stylish new SUV, expected to be a hybrid, adding plenty of variety to sit alongside the Honda E.

“The pace of change in regulation, the market, and consumer behaviour in Europe means that the shift towards electrification is happening faster here than anywhere else in the world. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, we need to act sooner to meet these challenges head-on,” said Honda’s Senior Vice President for Europe, Tom Gardner.

“I’m delighted to announce that all of Honda’s mainstream models here in Europe will be electrified not by 2025, but three years earlier by the end of 2022, just 36 months from now.

“This shift to electrification will change the face of our model line-up considerably. Our two-motor hybrid technology will be spread across the model range and we will bring further battery electric product to the market.”

The word from the Honda camp is that they are not likely to water-down their plans, with mild-hybrid engines not a focus and there will be no ‘half measures’ about their aim for an electric future.