Honda Launches New Range Of Dog Accessories

Mon 29th Aug 2022

To make your car safer for your four-legged friend, Honda has launched a new range of dog friendly products to coincide with International Dog Day.

The package consists of a dog guard, rubber mats, boot mats, and a paintwork-protecting boot step protector. It is available across most of the Honda lineup and can be installed on some older models.

The “Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat” was introduced on April 1st as a humorous prank, in which Honda pretended that it was introducing a new line of pet front passenger seats. It inspired the creation of the new product.

The tale was reported in the press as far away as the United States and Australia, which emphasised the country's demand for pet products, driving up the manufacturers' development of the range.

Honda has created five different dog pack models to safeguard your vehicle and safeguard your dog. The items in the accessory packs are diverse depending on vehicle type, to meet the unique demands.

“Launching vehicle accessories for dogs is something that the Honda UK team has been discussing for quite a while,” said Rebecca Adamson, Head of Automobile for Honda UK. “But it was the success of the April Fools’ Day campaign that ultimately prompted us to develop this product pack – because it became so clear that customers wanted something special for their four-legged friends.

“For many people, including me, dogs are so much more than a pet. They’re part of the family. The dog accessory pack is designed to bring peace of mind when travelling, no matter how long or short the distance. Not only will it help to keep your dog safe and secure while on the move, but it will also reduce the likelihood of interior damage.”