Honda To End Combustion Engines Within Two Years

Thu 3rd Dec 2020

Japanese car manufacturer Honda has confirmed that it will cut petrol and diesel engine vehicles from their line-up by 2022.

A report on the Autocar website confirmed the news today, with the brand’s senior vice president, Ian Howells revealing that the company aim to be ahead of the UK government’s ban on internal combustion engines by 2030.

“It [Honda’s line-up] will be a combination of full electric and hybrid," Howells said as he admitted that the company would be flexible in their use of alternative fuels. "Obviously, if the legislation starts to move as we approach 2035, or transitions away from hybrid as well, then we’ll move our technology away from that.

“There’s a role to play for e-fuels, for biomass, for hydrogen, to some degree for conventional fuels, and also batteries.”

Howells admits that the switch to all-electric won’t be pain-free in the short-term, with the cost of EVs currently prohibitive for many car buyers, but that hybrids may fill a gap in the short term.

He said: “They’re a third to 50% more expensive than a conventional or hybrid vehicle. They [Hybrids] don’t take us the full way and that’s why we do see this as a transitioning or bridging type of technology to get us to the point at which the technology behind the batteries and the infrastructure are both in place to move forward to offering mass personal mobility with a new type of energy carrier.”