How Energy Efficient Is Your EV?

Mon 29th Nov 2021

As all experienced motorists know, the MPG of your vehicle is an important factor in deciding the overall costs of a vehicle, and as we move towards a future of battery powered vehicles we may need a new way of measuring efficiency.

Thankfully the team at have come up with a solution and can now rate how well your EV performs and how many miles you get between charges. This efficiency will give drivers a better idea of how much money they are saving by charging less often.

Unsurprisingly there are many different factors at play in deciding how efficient an EV is. For example many cars have additional tech which makes the vehicle more efficient, these can include heat pumps, brake energy recuperation and climate control preconditioning. All these factors are combined with the expected how many miles you get from a charge, and of course how long it takes to charge.

Using all these metrics, Electrifying have ranked all the main EVs on British roads and decided that the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4 are leading the way, both achieving an A++ rating. There were an additional 13 cars that achieved A+, and at the other end of the scale was the E Mercedes EQV. As a comparison between the best and worst, the BMW i4 would cost £580 less over 10,000 miles than the grade E Mercedes EQV.

“It amazes me that until now we haven’t had an effective efficiency standard for electric cars, as we do across other sectors; but we’ve looked to put this right,” said Ginny Buckley, founder of Electrifying.

“As electricity costs less than petrol or diesel, it is easy to dismiss the efficiency of electric cars and think it isn’t important. But the costs of a less efficient model can soon add up. Perhaps more importantly, an electric car that is more frugal will go further and spend less time charging, meaning greater convenience for consumers.”