How Important Is The Environment When Buying A New Car?

Mon 31st Jan 2022

While many major automotive brands are currently pushing green credentials to the front of the marketing spend for their latest cars, the stark reality is that a vehicle’s reputation will far outweigh every other concern.

In fact thinking about the environment as well as looking at vehicle safety come way down the list according to a study by Autovia. The company, which owns Auto Express, asked 1,200 motorists to rank 17 different factors which determines and influences their decision making process when buying a car.

According to the analysis, ‘Reputation for quality’ was the number one reason, with 61 per ent of buyers giving that as their main driver, second was ‘model styling’ with 53 per cent, and a positive previous ownership experience was also rated highly at 51 per cent. Safety was only rated important by 24 per cent of those questioned, while the environment fared even worse at nine per cent. The opinions of family and friends was the lowest scoring factor, with just six per cent of potential car buyers saying that was a reason for them to buy a car.

“Brand perceptions are a very subjective phenomenon and yet they are key to success or failure in Britain's car market, so manufacturers will be fascinated to understand how they are viewed by car buyers,” said Steve Fowler from Auto Express.

"Two of the most unexpected findings in this latest research are that environmental credentials and the influence of family and friends score so low, suggesting that customers feel much more strongly about an enjoyable and stylish car wnership experience that they have discovered through their own research."

"Dealers will also note that looking after the customer properly is key to retaining loyalty, with women in particular citing a previously good experience as the best reason to stick with a brand."