How Many Miles On The Clock?

Tue 19th Oct 2021

The nearly-new car market is buoyant with millions of car buyers showing faith in an increasingly impressive range of used motors at experts such as

But there is also a rise in the number of car owners who are keeping a hold of their car for longer periods, and some drivers are prepared to put ridiculous mileage on their vehicles.

New research has revealed that there is a surprising number of motors with astronomical mileage, including an exclusive club which has surpassed 750,000 miles… on one engine!

According to the analysis which has been provided from odometer data collected by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, the Vauxhall Astra is the car to buy if you want longevity and stamina from your car. There are currently 35 Astras registered with more than 750,000 miles under the bonnet. The Rover 75, which hasn’t been available to buy new since 2005, is next on the list with 33 models still going strong. The Ford dynamic duo of the Fiesta and the Focus both do well, with 25 models each still clocking up the miles, while the Vauxhall Zafira has 20 with more than 750k.

But those cars are all outdone by the LDV Maxus commercial van, with perhaps unsurprisingly still has 104 vehicles on the roads, it is likely that the LDV will have had regular services and will be providing a high mileage count on a daily basis.

“The Government doesn’t want to see the roads clogged up with high mileage, high polluting cars, at a time when it’s trying to encourage people to early switch to greener motoring,” said John Wilmot of Lease Loco which collated the data.

“But many drivers are reluctant to switch over to electric until they feel more confident in the charging infrastructure. 

“And as we approach 2030, car owners may be less willing to buy new petrol or diesel cars, knowing their value could plummet.

“We could see a situation where more people stick with what they have, and the number of extremely high mileage cars on our roads escalates.”