How Much Are You Paying For Your Parking Permit? Is It Too Much?

Fri 6th Apr 2018

Britons who have to pay for a permit to park outside their own homes are paying vastly different amounts, dependent on where they live in the country, with some charged more than £450.

Whilst a guaranteed parking spot outside your home has always come at a premium, the difference in costs is varying by hundreds, with some not paying anything at all to get a permit.

An investigation by has revealed the disparity in parking permits across the UK, with Birmingham the most expensive city for locals to park in, with motorists charged on average £326.50 a year.

Though Edinburgh has the costliest parking permit at £475, the fact that some residents in Scotland’s capital are only paying £11.50 makes for a huge disparity and also brings the average price down. The disparity seems to be a Scottish problem as across in Glasgow, the locals are being charged anywhere between £50 and £250 for a year’s parking.

It seems that those in the north of England get the best deal, with drivers in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Liverpool getting parking permits free of charge.

"When moving into a new home, residents up and down the country are unknowingly entering a parking permit lottery,” said Dan Hutson of

"While many of us take for granted the ability to park outside our home without having to worry about a permit, our research shows that’s not the case for every city.

“While there are people that benefit from not having to pay for a permit, it's clear from our research that many are having to contribute.

"Parking permits may not always be at the front of your mind when you’re first getting on the road or moving home, so it can often be a fee which is overlooked and unexpected.

"With our research showing that one in five motorists are now more likely than ever to sell their cars due to rising costs, we hope our interactive map will provide a little more transparency for motorists, helping to highlight the possible unforeseen costs associated with getting on the road."