How Much Do You Pay For Your Train Car Park?

Tue 12th Nov 2019

The cost of travelling on a train may seem extortionate to some, but now a new league table has revealed the additional cost of having to park your car at train stations across the UK.

Research from short-term insurance provider Veygo has found that the cost of parking at the train station could double the cost of the daily commute for some drivers, with those in Reading paying an eye-watering £25 to leave their car at the station for the day. In a typical working year that could cost on average £5,625.

Reading is one of four train stations across the UK to charge more than £20 per day, with Glasgow Central, Edinburgh and Manchester Piccadilly also charging high prices.

At the other end of the scale though, there are some which charge less than £5, with drivers in Stirling, Paisley and Benfleet in Essex the most affordable. There are even two stations, Selly Oaks nd Kirkby which don’t charge to park at their station.

While the parking in Reading may seem costly, spare a thought for those in London, with the daily parking rates matching every else in the capital for prices - very high! To leave your car in St Pancras for a day you will be paying £40.

“Many people choose to get the train when travelling long distances rather than driving, largely due to the fact that it’s often quicker and less stressful than dealing with congestion. However, a significant number of train travellers will use their car to get to the station, and the cost of parking for the day can sometimes be shockingly high,” Veygo said on their website.