How Much Will You Spend On Petrol Over Your Lifetime?

Sun 16th Feb 2020

With a ban on new petrol and diesel models promised by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for 2035, some are asking how many more years of filling up at the petrol station do they have left - and how much money over a lifetime they might have spent on fuel.

Now, data published by a major energy company has demonstrated the costs associated with filling up your car and the savings which might be made by switching to electricity.

Based on the average life expectancy of 81, travelling 8,000 miles a year, drivers will spend more than £56,000 filling up with either diesel or petrol. As to be expected according to EDF Energy those with an electric model will only spend around £15,000 - a potential saving of £41,000.

The figures published by EDF Energy are based on the fact that 60 per cent of electricity used to charge a car being from plugging in at home and taking advantage of much cheaper off-peak energy rates.

Philippe Commaret, deputy managing director for customers at EDF, said: “Tackling emissions from transport will be critical in the fight against climate change and helping to create a greener future.

“But not only this, switching to an electric vehicle can also save drivers money – over £41,000 in their lifetime.

“We welcome proposals from the government to bring forward the ban on diesel and petrol cars to 2035.”