How Often Would You Charge Your EV?

Tue 21st Sep 2021

One of the UK’s biggest EV car brands has challenged motorists to better understand the needs of an electric vehicle in particular how often it might need charging.

A survey by Hyundai found that 85 per cent of car owners are concerned about being stranded in a vehicle without power and having nowhere to charge it, but the same research revealed that on average we only drive 108 miles a week. That stat means that most car owners might only need to charge their EV once every three weeks based on the current 289 mile range of a Hyundai Kona Electric. And the research also shows that six out of ten who answered the survey have a private driveway or garage, which means that there should be zero barriers to charging your car for the daily commute. 

But while the evidence shows that ‘range anxiety’ and a worry about a lack of chargers is unfounded, some 85 per cent of those polled said that there was not enough public charging points, even though there are 25,000 across the UK.

“We’ve found the barriers to making the switch for first-time electric owners are education on how the car will fit into your lifestyle as well as getting to grips with slightly different terminology compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles,” said Hyundai UK managing director, Ashley Andrew in a week when his company supplied the Chelsea women’s team with a fleet of Kona EVs.

“There is very little difference between driving an electric car compared to one with a combustion engine, and many find an EV is actually easier.”

Hyundai’s research revealed that there is still some way to go for the nation to fully understand the benefits of an EV, with 57 per cent readily admitting that they don’t understand the terminology.