How Secure Is Your Car?

Sun 29th Nov 2020

Car thieves across the UK could be looking forward to a very merry Christmas with the news that more than five million cars have no security features at all.

The news comes after a survey from Direct Line revealed that one in seven cars have no security features at all, and 40 per cent haven’t even got a car alarm. With the Office for National Statistics showing that car theft has increased by 29 per cent over the last five years, there are worries that many car owners could be left vulnerable with no protection at all.

And car owners could pay the cost more than once if insurers get to know about lax security on their vehicles.
“With the research suggesting that a large proportion of people are at a high risk of vehicle theft, it is of vital importance that drivers take every step necessary to protect their cars,” said Lorraine Price, Head of Motor Insurance at Direct Line.

“With more of us parking on the street than ever before it is essential that we take steps to prevent our cars being targeted.

“Parking in well-lit areas, even if it means a longer walk to your home, is important, as is remembering to remove anything from the car which may attract thieves."

Most cars are stolen in public parking bays (20%), with the owner’s own property second on the list (18%), third most likely place to get your car stolen is on a holiday or a day trip (15%).

“While modern vehicles often come with a plethora of security features, this shouldn’t stop all motorists from following simple steps to protect their vehicle,” Price continued.

“Making sure the car is always double-locked is essential, while protecting your keys and using a Faraday pouch to block the electronic signal will prevent it being scanned by thieves.

“Other simple yet effective measures like using a steering lock or wheel clamp will make cars less attractive to thieves and much harder to steal.”