How To Avoid A Parking Fine

Sat 29th Jan 2022

British drivers are paying car parking fines at record levels, but the director of one of the UK’s biggest car parking firms, ParkingEye, has issued a list of tips on how to avoid getting caught out.

ParkingEye are one of the UK’s most prolific car parking firms, operating unscrupulous parking policies at big car parks across the country, including many NHS car parks and hit the news this week when a furious NHS worker was paying more in fines than he actually earned at Bolton Hospital.

Drivers are being hit by 22,000 PCN tickets every day according to the latest research, with ParkingEye requesting a record 900,000  motorists by requesting driver details from the DVLA.

 "Most car parks, whether they are on local authority or private land, are now managed and operate with parking restrictions,” said Jo Wade, Marketing Director at ParkingEye.

"It is therefore safer to assume that a car park is managed and look for the signs, than to assume it’s not, and find out a later date when receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) that it is."

While most of Jo’s advice seems like common sense, the fact that her company is raking in millions each year from parking fines suggests that not too many people are taking her advice.

Her tips include checking the type of car park, looking for signs, checking how to pay and ensuring the car park isn’t for authorised for certain vehicles only. 

As to be expected, Jo also advises that you should never ignore a parking ticket, which is a bone of contention for many, with some suggesting that it is not a legal fine, though Jo suggests otherwise.

She said: "PCNs are only issued when parking restrictions have been broken.

"The operator is unaware of any personal or mitigating circumstances that have caused this.

"Therefore, if you believe that there are circumstances beyond your control that have caused you to break the restrictions, you should appeal and bring them to the attention of the operator.

"Do not ignore the PCN."