How To Avoid Young Driver Insurance Pain

Tue 4th Jan 2022

A new survey has revealed that first-time drivers in the youngest age bracket are paying more than 50 per cent more for their car insurance than drivers aged just one year older.

The analysis from MoneySuperMarket has found that those aged 17-to-19, essentially the first early years of driving, can pay 51 per cent more than someone who is aged 20.

According to the Financial Comparison website, the average insurance policy for 17-19 year olds can cost a hefty £935, the average for those aged 20 and above is £364.

The price comparison website analysed more than one million quotes from its customers from June 2020 to June 2021, revealing that most young drivers were looking to insure a Ford Fiesta, which was the most popular car, but not the cheapest to insure. The Fiesta, the Corsa and the Polo were the top three cars, but the cheapest car to insure for those aged 17 to 19 was the Citroen C1, with an average comprehensive cover premium of £506. The basic trim Fiat 500s (Pop and Lounge) both coming in under £520 a year.

“Car insurance premiums are often higher for drivers who have recently passed their test as insurers associate more risk with them,” said Praksha Patel-Shah from MoneySuperMarket.

“Prices can also differ significantly depending on the type of car you drive.

“There are a number of ways for newly qualified Britons to reduce their insurance premium. You can keep costs down by reducing your mileage or opting for a higher excess. You could even look into telematics policies, which use data to monitor how people drive, and use this to determine the cost of their car insurance. The more careful the driver, the more competitively priced the policy.

“It’s also important that you don’t just accept the first car insurance quote you receive,” Patel-Sheh added. “By shopping around and comparing you could easily save yourself up to £235.”