How To Keep Your Car Clean During A Hosepipe Ban

Wed 11th Jul 2018

The first hosepipe ban of 2018 was announced earlier this month and with the warm weather likely to continue there may be more on the horizon.

Unfortunately the hosepipe ban restricts users from watering their garden, filling a paddling pool and according to Northern Ireland Water, who were the the first to prohibit hosepipes this year, there is no use of hosepipes to clean your car.

Of course, there is no current ruling which prevents you from filling a bucket of water to wash your pride and joy, and it certainly is better for the environment according to a recent Uswitch report. A hosepipe uses between 400 and 480 litres of water, whereas washing your car with a bucket and sponge takes are 32 litres of water.

However, your neighbours may still complain about frivolous water use and there are other risks to using a bucket and sponge too. Sponges may pick up harmful objects which could damage the layers of lacquer on the panels of your car.

All is not lost however as there are a range of safe and affordable options which can help clean your car, all of which can be purchased at your local motor superstore.

A waterless wash and spray solution is a useful alternative, available from stores for around £10, these sprays can clean your car of light dirt and dust and generally give your bodywork an added shine. It’s simple to use too, your spray the sections you feel need cleaning and then wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. The spray lifts the dirt from your bodywork and is a much more high-tech solution than water alone.

Don’t forget to stock up on mircofibre clothes to clean your car. These are essential items as they help avoid dirt building up on a cloth, which in turn could scratch or damage your paintwork. Only use a cloth until it gets dirty and fold your cloth in half and use just four times before putting it aside to be cleaned. It’s also important to wipe only in one direction.

If you are not yet under hosepipe restrictions then washing your car now, while you can, is a great idea. If you do wash your car it is advisable to use a good wax product afterwards as this can act as a barrier between your car’s paint and dirt. A good quality wax will keep your car looking good and protect it for up to four week. It will also make cleaning your car easier for next time.