How To Pack Your Car For University

Wed 23rd Sep 2020

Thousands of students will be venturing out into the big wide world this month as they begin their University life at a far flung home from home.

And while COVID-19 may put paid to some plans of partying and socialising, the need to get the essentials packed into the car is as vital as ever. Nobody wants to be returning home with their tail between their legs having forgotten an essential item of home entertainment.

But fear not freshers, a special guide has been put together to help make the most of the space in your car in order to take as much with you for your time away.

According to Euro Car Parts, these are the top five tips for taking the stress out of travelling to Uni.

  1. Internal Storage - You only have a finite amount of space in your car, so it is important to make the most of every nook and cranny and that’s where storage solutions can come in handy. Check out the range of back-of-seat organisers for vital documents and paperwork and don’t forget to utilise the mini-wallet many car sun visors have.

  2. Be Strategic - That solid plastic suitcase may look fantastic as it is rolling down mezzanine at the airport, but it offers little in the way of flexibility in the tight confines of a car. An old school soft suitcase may allow for more luggage and could even be easier to store when you get to your digs.

  3. Think Outside The Box - External storage solutions can offer a vast amount of space. So if a roof box or basket can be added to your car then seriously consider it as an option. It’s a wise investment also for future trips, especially if you are thinking long term and are looking at road trips.

  4. Inner Space - Before squeezing everything into your car, you need to think about the best possible layout for your car furniture. Do the seats fold back? Can you make best use of the footwells? The foot space in the front passenger is sometimes bigger than you think and can be handy for less conventional bagge.

  5. Plan Ahead - Yes, we appreciate that the ability to get things done at the last minute might be a great skill to have when thinking about university projects. But give some thought and planning to packing for your journey. If there is an item you may need during the journey it’s best not to hide it in a place where you cannot reach it. You don’t want to have to unpack your car at the motorway services.

Chris Barella, Digital Services Director at Euro Car Parts, said: “Packing for university can be an emotional and challenging time for families, so it makes sense to forward plan to avoid any unnecessary stress on the day of travel.

“Thankfully, being sensible and strategic with your packing and investing in storage solutions ahead of the journey can help make the experience far easier for all involved.”