How To Pack Your Car For Your Holidays

Tue 31st Jul 2018

Whilst many of us may spend hours deliberating on the best way to pack our suitcases for the summer holidays, how many then spend time thinking on how to get the best from their car luggage space?

According to SEAT there is correct way to pack your luggage and it has a name, the KonMari method, which is trademarked. Aline Lau, Europe’s first certified KonMari consultant believes that the techniques, which were traditionally created to declutter the mind, could also apply to space in the car. She said: “Life, in general, is very cluttered in the modern world. We constantly have to go through a de-cluttering process in order to keep a peaceful mind.

“Many people now adopt Marie Kondo’s mindset in their homes but this is the first time we have used it to pack a car.

“We will automatically try to take too much with us on vacation but, by separating each item and categorising what we really need, we can be more efficient instead of trying to take everything from our lives with us on holiday.”

The three principles to adapt the KonMari Method to your car are as follows:

  1. De-clutter – remove any items you can do without. Five different shampoos are probably not an essential

  2. Pack smart – folding and rolling clothing cleverly can save you space. Box up all the loose bits, too.

  3. Categorise – put essentials within reach in the car, and maximise boot space by packing suitcases vertically.

If luggage space is top of your list when choosing a car why not speak to one of's online advisors today about what options are best?