How To Plan A Successful EV Driving Holiday

Fri 19th Aug 2022

Soaring temperatures in the UK may have persuaded many to hit the open road this summer, but for those of us who have made the switch to an electric vehicle, there are a number of considerations.

Not only do drivers have to plan a route that includes plenty of charging options, but also have to be mindful that as the mercury rises outside of the car, it can soon drain the battery if you are forced to blast the air conditioning on.

But the team at Spanish car brand SEAT have plenty of experience when it comes to driving in hot conditions, and with many tourists likely to be heading for the Costa’s they offer some sage advice for driving an EV.

“Select a few for possible stops along the way, taking into account both the driver’s rest needs and the car’s charging needs” recommends Josep Bons, head of Electrical and Electronic Development at SEAT. Bons also suggests that the air-conditioning concern can be overcome by preconditioning your car, by rolling down the windows before you set-off and aim to achieve a constant temperature of 22 degrees inside your vehicle.

“Roll them up before starting and turn on the air conditioning gradually until it reaches 22°C” says the engineer. “This tip will help you save battery life during the journey” he adds.

SEAT also recommends to charge the vehicle fully before leaving home and always aim to have between 30% and 80% of charge while driving. Josep also makes the obvious point of driving efficiently and says that while you are charging your car, make the most of your time and try and select a route which has entertainment value at the point of charge, particularly where slow chargers are concerned.