Hundreds Of UK Jobs To Go As Ford Announces Further Cuts

Mon 20th May 2019

One of the world’s biggest car manufacturers has announced a huge jobs cull, with 7,000 staff from Ford Motor Group expected to lose out.

Early reports suggest that up to 550 staff will lose their positions, it had been reported earlier in the the year that the Dunton site in Essex would be impacted by a consolidation of its UK headquarters.

Ford has announced that 10% of its salaried workforce and 20% of its management positions will be affected, with around 2,300 in the US. Ford has already announced that more than 5,000 jobs will be cut in Germany.

Ford said: "We understand this is a challenging time for our team, but these steps are necessary to position Ford for success today and yet preparing to thrive in the future."

Ford’s current UK workforce is thought to be in the region of 13,000 across sites in Bridgend, South Wales and Dagenham, Essex. Earlier this year it was announced that 400 jobs would go at the Bridgend plant in what has been a troubling year for the car giant.

The company has been hit hard by the slump in the sale of diesel vehicles and is undergoing a huge change to its line-up with more electric and hybrid models being added to a reduced line-up.

The news comes before the UK has arrived at a decision on what the country’s exit from the European Union will look like. Senior bosses at Ford have already warned that a no-deal Brexit could have serious consequences for the industry in Britain.