Hydrogen Car Drivers Can Now Refuel Their Vehicles On The M40

Mon 26th Mar 2018

If you’ve paid a fortune for your ultra-clean hydrogen car you are probably disappointed by the lack of refuelling options across the UK network – but things are changing.

Beaconsfield services on the M40 have become the second motorway station in the UK to have a hydrogen pump installed. After Sheffield-based energy company ITM Power supplied one to Shell for cars such as the Toyota Mirai, Hyundai Nexo and Honda Clarity. Shell’s other hydrogen pump is based at the Cobham Services on the M25.

“ITM Power is pleased to open this new hydrogen station in Beaconsfield which is the first to sit on the main forecourt, alongside the petrol and diesel pumps,” ITM Power CEO, Dr. Graham Cooley told telegraph.co.uk.

“This shows a big step forward in offering Shell customers a clean, green fuel, which is generated on-site, eliminating fuel deliveries.

“We look forward to working alongside Shell to deploy further stations and grow the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the UK.”

“We’re delighted to be opening a new refuelling site at Shell Beaconsfield, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to hydrogen as a vital part of the UK’s future transport system,” said Mike Copson, hydrogen business development manager at Shell.

“Bringing hydrogen under the canopy for the first time is a fantastic step towards making it a convenient and viable fuel choice for UK drivers.”

The pump at Beaconsfield generates hydrogen on-site by using water and electricity to make hydrogen gas, which is then compressed and then pumped into cars. The refuelling times are significantly shorter, only a couple of minutes, which puts the vehicles more attractive to those who want to recharge and go quickly. Hydrogen cars also have a longer range and have no emissions, other than drinking quality water.