Hyundai Develops Noise Cancelling Tech To Reduce Road Noise

Fri 15th Nov 2019

Korean car brand Hyundai is aiming to create the most comfortable car journey by developing technology which will prevent outside road noises entering the cabin.

While noise-cancellation technology has been used to lessen engine noise in cars, Hyundai’s new tech is more like the noise-cancelling headphones you might find on a plane. But rather than the driver wearing headphones, the technology will emit soundwaves that can almost magically cancel out the sounds of the road.

With the title of Road Noise Active Noise Control (RANC), the system will use software-driven technology to cancel out the noise, rather than the traditional method of blocking noise through sound insulations and dampeners.

The new RANC technology goes beyond Hyundai’s existing Active Noise Control which previously focused on engine noise. A statement from Hyundai said the tech is developed ‘Using an acceleration sensor, RANC calculates the vibration from the road to the car and the control computer analyzes road noise. As its computation and signal transfer speeds are optimized, it only takes 0.002 second to analyze the noise and produce an inverted soundwave, generated by the DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The microphone constantly monitors the road noise cancelation status, and sends the information to the DSP. RANC is able to conduct accurate noise analysis and rapid computation to combat road noise for the driver’s seat, the passenger seat and rear seats separately.’

It is anticipated that the RANC system could reduce the decibel level in a car by half, other benefits to the development ensure that cars could be built lighter as there would no requirements for sound-insulating parts.