Hyundai Reveal Porsche Inspiration

Tue 2nd Aug 2022

Fast becoming one of the world’s most innovative automotive brands, Hyundai have this year won a host of awards their ground-breaking IONIQ.

But while the Korean car giant are now making waves in the EV sector, they also have an eye on the performance market and with the recent release of the RN22e and N Vision 74 concepts could be about to make a statement in the combustion-powered sports car market too.

But speaking to an Australian automotive magazine, could the company’s global CEO, Jay Chang, have let slip the inspiration behind the company’s future design goals? At a recent launch event for the forthcoming IONIQ 6, a successor to the current World Car of the Year, Chang revealed that he has been inspired by the Porsche 911, a car brand which many in the industry believe is the real inspiration for the new IONIQ, particularly with some strong detailing giving a strong nod to the classic German brand.

“To build a car like the Porsche 911 not only takes decades but also requires an unshakeable commitment to improving something most people already believe to be the perfect sports car,” Chang told CarExpert. “Sticking to one design and not changing stuff all the time is what makes that car so special. The 911 doesn’t change. I’m not sure anyone can ever emulate something like the 911. It’s almost a perfect form until the next one comes along.”

So while Chang admits that it is Porsche’s philosophy of embracing the traditional which he so admires, there can be no mistaking some of the similarities between the IONIQ 6 and the 911. With a similar rear end and a cute little rear window, some of the comparisons are stark and maybe even a little too obvious.

Hyundai however are not currently sticking with their own traditions and the IONIQ range is breaking barriers for Korean car building, with the company’s N range winning both hearts and minds.

“I’m not saying we will ever build a car to rival the Porsche 911, but if you look at the two Rolling Lab concepts we have revealed this week, the RN22e and N Vision 74, you’ll get an idea of we’re we are going in terms of sustainable high-performance cars,” Chang added. “The RN22e can be seen as an N-branded performance version of the Ioniq 6, while the N Vision 74 takes inspiration from the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe and relies on a powerful hydrogen fuel cell powertrain.”