Hyundai Tech Spots Drowsy Drivers

Mon 4th Jul 2022

Tired or inebriated drivers causing major accidents on the roads could be a thing of the past if new technology from Korean brand Hyundai is put into practice.

The innovative car manufacturer has developed a system which can measure and monitor a driver’s biometric data, including heart rate, posture and even brain wave activity to ensure that those behind the wheel are safe to drive a car.

The technology, known as Hyundai Mobis, is the first of its kind, which gives the driver a mini-health check before decided whether it is safe to drive.

Cheon Jae-seung, head of the R&D division, Hyundai Mobis, said: "Based on the unique vital signs database we've built up, we will upgrade this technology further to provide more features, including carsickness prevention, stress management, and the blocking of drunk driving.

The Smart Cabin Controller uses a range of different tools to run the diagnosis, with a 3D camera capturing posture, an ECG sensor on the steering wheel measuring heart rate and the ear-piece monitoring brainwaves near to the ears. To help motorists from getting drowsy there is also a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sensor which measures the temperature of the car interior.

The technology works in tandem so that any of the elements which are flagged can sound an alarm, warn the driver, or in some cases switch the vehicle to autonomous mode before stopping. The HVAC will even open windows in the car to improve CO2 levels in the car.

Hyundai have previously developed technology which can monitor brainwave activity, the M.Brain, whilst M.VICS is a system which is aimed at reducing car sickness.