Ineos Tease Electric SUV

Wed 15th Jun 2022

The Ineos Grenadier, the 4x4 which bares a striking resemblance to the old-school Land Rover Defender, is to inspire an SUV of its own, with news that a smaller electric version is slated for development.

The flagship Grenadier is set to hit showrooms this summer with a starting price of £49,000, but Ineos boss Sir Jim Radcliffe has gone on record to reveal that the company are now looking at a smaller entry-level SUV, one which will continue the ‘workhorse’ ethos, Ratcliffe is keen to continue with his brand. 

Speaking in an online series, Building The Grenadier, the Ineos boss spoke for the first time about his plans for the automotive brand, which is taking its first very large steps into a competitive space in the motor market.

Ratcliffe confirmed that like its predecessor, the smaller version will be produced at the company’s Hambach plant in France on a new smaller platform, with the potential for hydrogen fuel cells to be the answer.

“I spend time in off-road vehicles and there aren’t many choices anymore. There’s a lot of the world need to drive vehicles off-road,” Ratcliffe said when explaining his thought process for entering the industry.

“All the car companies are all making luxury SUVs. They’re making 4x4s but not cars you can take off-road. So, there was a big hole in the marketplace I thought.”

The smaller SUV was reported a fortnight ago, but the Ineos boss also confirmed the plans publicly for the first time, saying: “What we are also looking at, at the moment, is a smaller version of the Grenadier - electric. We need to embrace the future, which clearly in an urban environment is going to be electric.

"But even in a country environment and you’re a farmer you probably will have an electric car which you can drive around on the tracks and things like that, so you want one that that’s capable but that is electric. So, I think that’s our vision at the moment.”