Insurer Offers Free Recharging To EV Customers

Thu 24th Sep 2020

One of the UK’s leading car insurance companies has come up with an innovative solution for EV owners who run out of juice.

LV will offer stranded electric car owners assistance by partnering with AFF, to deliver recharging facilities across England and Wales. AFF traditionally deliver petrol and diesel refueling to car owners across the network but are now able assist in an electrical capacity by delivering a 30 minute charge at roadside, which can provide 10 miles of range, enough to get an EV to the next available charging station.

Tom Clarke, head of electric vehicle strategy at LV General Insurance, said: “We already cater for EV drivers who run out of charge by taking them to the nearest charge point, but this partnership with AFF means we can increase the level of support and value we provide to our customers.

“We would always advise EV drivers make sure their car is charged properly and regularly, especially if they’re going on long journeys, but as drivers still run out petrol the same is true for EV drivers and customers now have the security that an AFF recharge van get to them if they’re stranded on the motorway.”