Insurers Take Footballers For A Ride

Wed 18th Dec 2019

They may be amongst the highest paid occupations in the UK, but when it comes to sorting their car insurance, professional footballers are paying the penalty.

Footballers such as Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane and Trent Alexander-Arnold are amongst the elite list of workers who will pay the most for their car insurance according an investigation by MoneySuperMarket.

Though insurance companies do penalise some occupations if it is expected that the job will increase the likelihood of the car being involved in an accident or stolen. However, footballers and other sportsmen are likely to top the list due to them driving high-end sports cars compared to other occupations.

A football will pay on average £1,978 for their insurance premium, sports people £1,511, while in third place, the relatively low paid job of fast food delivery driver brings the third highest premiums - though how many people actually put that job as their occupation when filling in insurance forms remains up for debate.

At the other end of the scale there are some jobs which mean you pay less for your car insurance, with exam invigilator, newspaper delivery driver and those who are retired paying the least expensive premiums.

Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Our research shows that footballers have the highest insurance premiums, which is to be expected, given they often drive very expensive cars.

“However, it is surprising to see the high rates paid by more ‘everyday’ professions – such as delivery drivers and car wash attendants.

“Insurance companies keep massive amounts of information on the claims they’ve paid in the past, which then influences the way they calculate a premium.

“As a result, some professions are seen as more of a risk and can be charged more.

“That being said, if you’re in one of these job roles, don’t panic.

“There are still ways to make savings on your car insurance, such as shopping around at the point of renewal.”