Is Getting Your Car Fixed A Fix?

Thu 17th Feb 2022

A major survey of more than 2,000 car owners has found that more than half believe that they are getting overcharged when they take their car to be fixed at a garage.

The analysis from car maintenance firm Fixter found that women more than men feel they are charged too much with 59 per cent, compared to 55 per cent of men. But it seems that women are feeling exploited due to a lack of knowledge, with 40 per cent saying they felt that they were overcharged as they didn’t know to question the quote, compared to just 29 per cent of men who admitted the same. Three out of four women said that they were overcharged because of their gender, compared to 12 per cent of men.

It seems like a lack of experience and confidence in speaking to car mechanics may be the key to why many of us feel overcharged. With 74 per cent of young adults in the 18-24 bracket believing they have been stung, but only 43 per cent of 65s feel the same.

“Getting your car fixed can often mean a big bill – which no-one wants,” said Limvirak Chea, co-founder of Fixter.

“So, it can make it even worse if you feel like you are being charged too much.

“There are stereotypes around the industry which can make people suspicious and question whether they are paying too much, and a lack of transparency can also make this worse.

“We believe getting your car fixed or maintained should be a simple task – convenient for you and also something where you are completely clear on what you are paying and why.”

Dealerships get the worst of the survey, with 47 per cent thinking that they are more likely to get overcharged there, compared to just 16 per cent at a local independent garage. 

Cost, convenience and good customer service are the top three reasons why a car owner might choose to go with a local independent garage, with a reliable service and reputation also figuring highly.