Is Pavement Parking Now Banned In UK?

Mon 14th Feb 2022

Drivers across the UK could soon be hit with a new £70 parking fine, for doing something they have done for years, even where there is no double-yellows.

The year 2022 looks set to be a year of change for motorists, already getting to grips with the intricacies of the new Highway Code, they are also in the firing line as local authorities will be handed powers to fine those who stop in box junctions, caught via a camera.

Those additional rules, which were previously only enforced in London and Cardiff will bring in millions of pounds in additional revenues, and there are worries that the changes could be extended to a blanket ban on pavement parking in the UK. 

Currently only motorists in London are forbidden to park on the pavement, with an instant £70 fine for anyone who breaks the rules, but following a consultation held in November 2020, the parking rules could be implemented elsewhere, in order to stop cars blocking pavements for wheelchair users and those with a pram.

Now parking law expert Shaf Jade has said that if the new laws are introduced then it will certainly be a money-spinner for councils, as very few people will appeal them.

“Now that these new laws are being introduced councils will be more trigger happy with their tickets,” Shaf said in The Sun.

“They expect motorists not to appeal and that’s why they issue fines.

 “There were 5.2 million parking tickets issued across London from 2020 to 2021. 

“Only 0.6% of those tickets were appealed, but 40% of those that were appealed were revoked or reduced.

“The problem isn’t getting a parking fine, the problem is not appealing it. That encourages local councils and they start looking for a new hotspot to give out even more tickets.”

A change to the parking laws could lead to major issues in some cities, particularly where cars have to park on the pavement to allow a clear route. And with the Highway Code introduced with few people knowing about it, any new laws introduced could take many by surprise.