Is This Britain’s Blandest Car Ever?

Wed 1st Jun 2022

A company which specialises in analysing the value of the world’s rarest and most expensive cars has created a formula to find the most unexceptional motor of all time.

Hagerty traditionally use their algorithm to predict the value of much sought-after and collectable vehicles for their clients, but they have no created a formula to find the most boring car, based on colour, body type, era, nationality and brand. The ‘winning’ car was the Austin Montego a British family car which enjoyed an 11 year run of sales from 1984 to 1995.

Hagerty are celebrating these listless vehicles at their Festival of the Unexceptional event, an opportunity for car fans to showcase their carefully restored vehicles, many of which would be unexceptional if they weren’t so rare.

Some 436,000 Montegos were produced by British Leyland and Rover Group but the most recent data from the Department for Transport and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency reveals that only 34 remained on the roads in 2020. According ot Hagerty’s formula, the most uninspiring car of all time would be a baby blue 1989 Austin Montego.

“It's not entirely surprising that the data led us to the Austin Montego. It's a car that is not nearly as glamorous as its name suggests; it is as uninspiring as Montego Bay is inviting,”explains James Mills, Hagerty UK's editor.

“It was cobbled together during the final, slap-dash years of British Leyland, and despite the company's promise that it was "The car that puts the driver first" it spent as much time putting drivers on the hard shoulder as it did getting them from home to the office or supermarket. 

“This reputation for unreliability explains why the Montego is such a rare site today, with just tens remaining out of the tens of thousands built.

“We hope that those few remaining custodians will continue to cherish these cars. Because while some will simply dismiss them as a reminder as to how much better modern cars are, others appreciate them as a piece of history. 

“Seeing cars like the Montego at the Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional perfectly illustrates the reasons behind the demise of Britain's mass-market car companies.

“Long may those last remaining examples remain on our roads – hopefully keeping off the hard shoulder!”