Is This Parking Fine A UK Record?

Mon 20th Dec 2021

A van in East London has racked up an astonishing total of £36,000 in unpaid fines, in what is believed to be a British record for a single vehicle on UK.

The van, which was regularly parked in the Tower Hamlets area of London in a three-year period between March 2018 and August 2021 collected a massive 209 penalty charge notices, of which less than half have been recovered. The van was finally removed from the streets and destroyed after what local Labour council called persistent evasion.

The serial ticket collector only came to light following a Freedom of Information request by the Tories, with Conservative Borough leader Peter Golds angry that action wasn’t taken sooner.

“The borough has an appalling record of traffic enforcement. Why is the council so poor at enforcing its own parking rules?,” Golds said.
“This is another example where Labour Tower Hamlets Council has allowed a dishonest vehicle owner to flagrantly ignore parking restrictions.
"The sum of money owed is quite extraordinary.
“This is possibly the highest amount of money owed by a single vehicle nationwide.”

To their credit, council officials did manage to recover £14,500 of the fines from the unnamed driver and have issued warrants to receive the rest, even though they have crushed the van.

“Vehicles parking illegally is a common problem across the country and our enforcement officers work hard to ensure roads in the borough are free from obstruction,” a council spokesperson said.

"As a council we work with partners like London Councils and the British Parking Association (BPA) to lobby the Government for stronger powers to enforce against such vehicles.”