Is This The Death Of Diesel?

Tue 24th May 2022

As new research reveals that only five per cent of motorist will be looking to buy a new diesel as their next car purchase, could we finally say goodbye to one of the most endearing fuel choices?

The survey from What Car? also found that just one in five were considering diesel as a user car purchase while 89 per cent of all car buyers would be considering fuel types other than a diesel.

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders revealed that EVs have outsold diesel cars by more than two to one so far in 2022, an amazing fall from grace for an engine choice which just seven years enjoyed a 48.5 per cent market share in the new car market.

Polling 910 potential car buyers, What Car? also found that two thirds would never buy a diesel car in the future. 

The key reasons for buyers turning their back on diesel are because they are not environmentally friendly enough (34%), a diesel doesn’t suit their needs (20%) and just 17 per cent said that other fuel types are now cheaper to run. That last point may be an even higher percentage now as diesel pump prices threaten to go beyond £2 per a litre in the latest fuel crisis surge.

“Diesel’s rapid decline in sales comes as manufacturers continue to offer fewer models to new car buyers,” said Steve Huntongford, editor of What Car? “Vauxhall was the latest manufacturer to drop the diesel option on its best-selling Corsa, with the car now available in petrol or fully electric powertrains only.

“As the new diesel car parc declines, this will eventually impact the used market for diesel cars – which are also impacted by the growing number of low emissions zones and other air quality initiatives.”