Is This The Next Motoring Crime Wave?

Tue 15th Jun 2021

If it wasn’t enough that crafty car thieves are targeting our vehicles through relay theft and catalytic convertor robberies, the latest trend is one which is likely to have a long future in motoring crime.

Reports this week suggest that that there has been a rise in the number of car charging cables being stolen. The leads which plug into a box in the wall, or a public charger and then into your car to charge up your battery are a particularly easy target for car thieves, as they are usually left unattended.

It’s not quite understood as to why the crucial EV kit is so in demand to criminal networks, however it has been pointed out that precious metals within the cables could be valuable to scrap metal dealers. While it's unlikely that the cables will change hands for large amounts on the black market - the cost of actually buying a replacement car charger is not cheap, in the region of £200.

“Car chargers are particularly appealing to thieves because they can be sold for up to £200 and they are selling them everywhere, eBay, Facebook, and to dodgy scrap dealers,” said Mark Hall from Divert a rubbish removal company which raised awareness of the growing problem.

“And they can be pretty costly and inconvenient for you to replace, so it's best to keep it locked away from the crooks.

“With more people going green and choosing electric cars over petrol and diesel, there are more charging cables available for thieves to target,' said Hall. 

“And at £200 a pop, running off with a cable is easy money for any thief looking to strike it rich.”