Is This The Solution To Cat Car Crimes?

Tue 18th May 2021

The rise in the theft of catalytic converter has grabbed many headlines in the last 12 months, with the crime spree seemingly unending - but one major motoring manufacturer is taking steps to combat the issue.

Increasing values of the precious metals within the converters is thought to be behind the spike in the thefts, with some hybrids and older models particularly vulnerable. And with the AA reporting that they attending 4,000 cases last year where cars had broken down due to a catalytic converter theft, the problem looks to be getting worse.

Now, one of the hardest hit car brands, Toyota, have pledged to fight back against the criminals by offering free ‘Smartwater’ markings to owners to help police track down stolen cats.

Toyota was one of the first brands to offer hybrid vehicles, and it is these cars which are a particular favorite of the thieves, mainly because hybrids have had a lower workload.

Toyota is now working in partnership with the AA to give car owners peace of mind.

“We're pleased to be starting this initiative, working closely with the police, not only to help them with their efforts to combat this crime but also to send a clear message to criminals that if they choose to target a Toyota or Lexus car there is now a far higher chance of getting caught,” said Rob Giles, Toyota (GB) director of customer services.

“We know from our work with police and others that the solution to this crime is not only arresting those doing the stealing, but also making life harder for those buying the stolen goods. We hope this will help in that.”

With many of the stolen catalytic converters ending up in scrapyards, it is hoped that the initiative will dissuade those from making the bold move to buy stolen parts.